Jared Graves

A weekend to forget for me. I just couldn’t stay with on my bike and find any consistency, then I had the biggest crash I’ve had all year on stage 5 and spent 10 minutes on the side of the track and being looked over by some medics further down before I rolled on to the finish, but my race was over. There’s so much more to a successful EWS than people would know and that the race results show and there’s 2 sides to racing, when everything is going well and things are clicking, and the exact opposite of that. But now is the time to keep on working hard and not getting down, things are going to click again soon. It’s race weekends like these that make the good ones that much sweeter and worth it all. As always a big thanks to all the @iamspecialized_mtb team for looking after us! Pic seb schieck

Date Added: 09/12/2018 15:41 by Jared Graves