Elias Schwärzler

Had one of my hardest crashes I've ever had in yesterday's training in Winterberg. So my situation right after the crash was pretty bad. My oxygen level was pretty low and the pain in my rips/stomach was pretty hard. Soo in the end I'm soo soo lucky that I don't run away with a serious injury. The whole right side, so the rips, the hip and the stomach is bruised. I've some problems with breathing so it's gonna be a long way home from Winterberg 😬😬 Big thanks to Stefan and the whole crew for the first aid! Also thanks for the good vibes in all your messages. There where so many, so I couldn't replay to everyone - but still thanks!! 👊🏽Hopefully I'm back in some weeks!! Cheers! P.s: Does someone have a Video from my crash? 🙈

Date Added: 02/06/2019 12:34 by Elias Schwärzler