Bryn Atkinson

Well, sometimes you eat the bear & sometimes the bear eats you 😬.. Took a STUUPID slam at the all-new waterfront pump track a few days ago. First lap, LITERALLY rolling around and lost my balance off one of the wedge tables, SLAPPING HAAARD into the up ramp of the next face, putting a 9cm laceration in my liver 🤜🥴🤛.. Fortunately the bleeding slowed quickly enough to where surgery wasn’t necessary 🎉, just a few nights in hospital to monitor the ol’ vitals and then home in time to watch Worlds and settle into NFL Sunday 🤘😄. . This isn’t my first rodeo (so to speak 😅) and I’m pretty good at the ol’ “waiting game” with all my experience.. A shift in focus is good, forced time off the bike always seems to spark some form of creativity, so looking forward to that. Aaand I’m PSYCHED to release a project we’ve been sitting on for the last few months 😎 *soon 😅.. JUUST be sure to hold’er open and SLASH a few turns for me while I’m down ay! Time to get weird 🤙😊

Date Added: 25/09/2019 19:00 by Bryn Atkinson